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Charge Easy. Transact Safely.

Charge Easy. Transact Safely.

We’re making it easier than ever to drive your EV on Indian roads

  • Discover charging points across your city
  • Reserve your spot at a convenient location
  • Transact seamlessly through the app

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How to Drift ?

How to Drift ?

Download The App
Locate and book a charging point
Drive to the location
Scan QR to start drifting
Get live updates on time, energy and amount spent
Pay using a host of options


How to charge

Step 1 – Scan QR code to make sure you’re at the right charger.

Step 2 – Plug in your vehicle into the charging socket.

Step 3 – Once you have secured your plug, press Start to charge.

Once you press the Start Charging button on the app, you should see a light on the socket glow. It means the device has started charging. You can also see this on your app screen where it will start sending you live charging stats.


It’s simple. Just press on the stop charging button, and you would be charged only for the duration that you used the device for, as long as it is more than a minimum of 30 mins.

How to use the Driftly App

Driftly is currently available on the Google Playstore.
iOS users can sign up here to be notified.

The Driftly app uses your current location to find and reserve the closest charging station. To use the app, download the app from the Google Playstore. Once open, the app will automatically take you to the map screen, showing all available Driftly charging stations in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area.

It’s simple – Select a charger, the start time, duration of charging, and hit ‘Book’. Your charger is booked and now you can start navigating to the location using directions on the Driftly app or navigation.

Yes. The minimum time you would be charged for is 30 mins.

Pricing & Payments

For Driftly Swift and Turbo chargers – the pricing is as set by the host depending on the type of fast charger they offer.

You can pay once you are done charging. Unless you pay the last due bill, you would not be allowed to make any more bookings.

Driftly App gives you a host of payment options including UPI, net banking, cards, wallets, etc which you can use to pay for your charge. We do not accept cash.

Our devices are all internet enabled and we would know if you lost power supply in the middle of your charge. You would need to pay only for the time that the power supply was there.

Safety & Privacy

  1. Check the charger specifications for your vehicle for compatibility before you select a particular kind of charger.
  2. Make sure your charger is plugged in properly before you press the start charging button
  3. Do not try to unplug the charger without pressing on stop charging and making sure the light on the socket has turned off
  4. Make sure your charger pins are completely dry – or wipe it with a dry cloth before plugging into the charging socket.

All Driftly sockets have been provided with an emergency off trip-switch which would automatically turn the device off in case of current overload. However, if you encounter some other kind of issue while charging, you can always use it to cut off the power and stop charging.


Most of the Driftly Lite charging points are compatible with chargers that draw upto 10A and most electric two-wheelers and small four-wheelers. When you click on a charger on the map screen, you will also see what kind of charger the host has. Driftly Swift and Turbo chargers are fast chargers that are only compatible with vehicles that offer a CCS/Chademo/Bharat standard port. Pls check your charger specifications before booking a particular charging point.

Yes, for all Driftly Lite stations you need to bring your own portable charger.

Driftly Lite charging points are compatible with both Lead-Acid and Li-Ion batteries.

Driftly Smart and Turbo chargers are compatible only with Li-Ion batteries designed for fast charging.

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