Car sanitization and safety tips against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world and got all of us locked into our homes for the last two months in India. The Indian government has now decided on a staggered lifting of the lockdown, depending on the penetration of the disease in a certain area and has also issued detailed guidelines on maintaining strict hygiene practices in our homes, workplaces and any public places.

I know a lot of us are probably yearning to step out of our homes. But as we start resuming our commutes, it is important to pay attention to maintaining hygiene in our vehicles as well. Our vehicles may have not been used in weeks now, and we need to consider the possibility that they may have been exposed. So, we have compiled the best practices recommended by most automotive manufacturers to sanitize your vehicle against viruses.

Please note that we are not health experts and this list is not comprehensive in any way, there are many other precautions recommended by the government for preventing spread of the disease. This is just to bring forth an easy go-to-list for sanitizing your vehicle.

Ok, so let’s get started.

Things you need

  1. Isopropyl alcohol – The recommended cleaning agent for most surfaces in vehicle interiors, except for leather
  2. Soap and Water – If you have leather upholstery or leather ring around your steering wheel
  3. Microfiber Cloth or Sponge
  4. N-95 Respirator mask
  5. Nitrile or Latex Gloves
  6. Hand sanitizer

Focus Areas are high touch surfaces

The COVID-19 virus spreads through human contact, either direct contact with infected individuals or respiratory droplets. Hence, while cleaning your vehicle, it is important to pay attention to high-touch areas.

  1. Dashboard, Steering wheel and Gear Stick
  2. Door handles, hand-rests and Window Controls
  3. AC Vents

Time to put on your Protective Gear

Before we get started with the steps for sanitization, you must put on your mask and gloves and if you prefer to use a protective gown, feel free to use that as well.

5 Steps for Sanitizing your Car Interiors against COVID-19

  • Vacuuming of the interiors

Vacuuming the interiors will get rid of the dust that might be accumulated inside your car and would do a first round of cleaning before we start the sanitation process. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can also use cloth wipes. Cover the floor of the car, the area under your seats, the dashboard area and even the seats. Be gentle while vacuuming in case you have leather seats.

  • Seat Cleaning

Seat cleaning is a tricky area and you need to be careful what kind of cleaning agent to use. For fabric or leather upholstery, the safest option is to use a cloth or sponge with soap and water and gently wipe across the seat and any stains on the surface. If you have false leather or leatherette, you can also use isopropyl alcohol.

One important thing to note while cleaning the seats is that you do not want to put too much water or soap, else the water may get into the foam and may cause mold.

  • Sanitize the Dashboard, Steering wheel and Gear Stick

For the dashboard area, isopropyl alcohol is a safe agent to be used for cleaning and sanitization. You want to focus on areas especially that are high touch including the steering wheel, gear levers, touchscreens, audio systems and any other buttons etc.

If you steering wheel or any part of the dashboard is covered with leather, do not use isopropyl alcohol. Use soap and water to sanitize it.

  • Sanitize the Door handles and Window Controls

Door handles are very frequently used both on the inside as well as the outside, hence need special attention. Apart from that, the hand-rests and Window Controls on the inside need to be cleaned properly as well to prevent spread of the virus. You can use isopropyl alcohol on all hard surfaces and soap and water for all upholstered surfaces here as well.

  • Cleaning of the AC Vents

AC vents control the air that is let into the inside of a car and hence, it is very crucial that they do not have any infected droplets. You can clean the AC vents easily using a cloth wipe, brush and soap.

COVID-19 Safety at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Use gloves or wipes to operate the connectors/guns for public chargers
black vehicle
  • Avoid using manual stations and go for app-operated stations

Prefer low touch EV charging stations which allow for the EVSE to be completely controlled from your mobile phone as opposed to touch screens or manual entry type charging stations.

Charge Easy. Transact Safely.

Daily Hygiene Precautions for driving safe amidst COVID-19

  • Keep washing / sanitizing your hands

Hand washing has been recommended as one of the best precautions against COVID-19 and we would recommend you to wash you hands with soap and water before and after every drive. You may also want to keep a sanitizer handy in the car in case you forgot to wash your hands before entering.

  • Sanitize your keys, phones and wallets after every drive

Keys, phones, wallets and any other objects that are in contact with the car and your hands continuously also need to be sanitized for safety. Do remember to pay attention to these little objects.

2020 KMCO REVONEX New Launches

Top global Electric Bikes out in 2020

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are not only best in fuel saving, but excellent in time-saving as compared to the conventional or simple fuel consuming bikes because those are time-wasting and consuming more strength and power of a person. If we take a random round of any city from any one of the developed countries we will see many people are traveling on electric bikes and doing their normal life activities without any tension. Using an electric bike for riding is a philosophical adjustment within the current environment. The market for them is also constantly raising and bring more and more advancement in these electric vehicles. These electric bikes with the passage of time are becoming more and more stylish and advance in their system of electric charging and their capacity of accommodating things and persons and in their body styles.

An essential point to be focus or take under consideration while purchasing such electric two-wheeler is making a perfect decision for bike store, that bike store must have genuine quality bikes and the second one is to focus on your requirement, that why you are purchasing the bike because these bikes have a lot of models with a diverse range of modifications and the differences in the budget to meet the demands of every customer. So, during the purchase, you should be well focused on your needs and the budget you have for buying an e-bike. Give your life a little exciting charge and live in style without frustration.

Below we are giving you a list of top electric bikes, which are not only stylish but also superb in their delivery of power and light in weight. This list will increase the level of happiness hormones inside the body of every bike lover.


2020 ZERO SR/F

The first brand new super streetfighter holding the top position in the list, due to its fly screen, excellent storage space, USB charging ports, its heated grips and led lights. The aluminum bar ends also adding its contribution in its charm. The bike is having the latest operating system of Cyber III which brings stability control in Bosh motorcycle and a huge amount of data that holds by TFT dash.

Its ZF75-10 power motor is making this amazing bike one of best electric bike among others which is released up till now. Battery pumps of the ZF14.4 lithium-ion are easily able to bring torque of ponds-feet and also 110 hp which helps it to conveniently reach 124mph. The system of charging of this thrilling bike has two options, one is 3.0 kW and the other one is 6.0 kW. Easily gets charged in 1 and a half hours.

The other features involve riding modes, good Abs, excellent torque control, and regens or traction control. The bike is prepared with super high-quality Showa  Big Piston Sff of the 43mm with the Showa shock 43mm. Moreover, it contains tires of pirelli diablo rosso III with J. Juan brakes.



Another brand new item in the list of super fast 2020 ideal electronic bikes is Energica Eva Rebelle with a larger power pack of 21.0 Kwh. It is super fast in developing 158 pounds-feet torque and 145 hp to run the machine of this exciting bike at 125mph very quickly.

The TFT dash of the bike includes superb GPS and also Bluetooth functions. This bike is made up of Alcantara seats with a high quality rims by Oz racing shod made up of aluminum in rubber of Pirelli Diablo Rosso III, similarto these many more exciting features that let this bike too stands out from the crowd of general bikes. Some extra options are also available, but these are optional and these options include, keyless ignition, Ohlins suspension, carbon fiber panels and heated grips.

Three-watt charger is claiming of providing range of distance of 250 miles. In just a short time period of 42 minutes, a fast DC charger provides 80% of the charging. Marzocchi 43mm of USD forks carried by the red steel trellis frame, rear mono-shock, and the riding modes as the additions of electronic advancement, Abs, traction control, with Brembo Radial-mount 4-piston calipers having dual 330mm discs and cruise control regen and all these superb features, making this bike super exciting and super thrilling.



The KMCO is basically having a high level of the largest company for high scooter production scale within Taiwan and they are bringing a new electronic revolution with KMCO Revonex. With a full determination of providing the amazing electronic mobility, they are launching this powerful electronic bike with highly active aural motor (AAM) and excellent 6-speed transmission. The motor with its high power can accelerate this bike to the high peak of 0-62 mph in just 4 seconds, and also flats it out at the 127 mph. The charging time is also as low as one hour.

A bike holds a very modern machine system with the riding modes, and for the full engagement of performance with superb launch control. The FEP involves the Abs, rear-wheel lift mitigation and traction control. The body of the bike includes excellent brembo brakes with metzeler racetec RR tire and Ohlins suspension. Some other important features involve TFT dash and split LED head lamps and many more amazing things.


By keep the same performance of providing a lot of exciting and thrilling electric bikes now Zero also launched the amazing Black Forest in the world of electric mobility. These exciting bikes has a battery pack of 14.4 kWh and touring windshield with givi panniers that are able to lock and the top trunk. Other important things involve the crash bars with built-in high quality LED supported lights and their covers of headlights are highly protective with hand guards. The power tank of the bike has 18 kW-h pack which makes the bike with the complete torque of 116 pound-feet give a 196 miles in an average. The charging time also just one hour.

Within all 2020 Zero electronic motorcycles, this amazing bike has a operating system of Cypher II/III and also equipped for charging status with the next-gen app and for information about the customizing bike ride modes and about other updates. Other exciting features which are contributing in the thrill of this bike involve aluminum twin-spar frame bolts on the 41 mm inverted Showa forks with also 40 mm Showa mono-shock and brake calipers by J-Juan are grabbing a 320 mm disc up front to slow the things down, these brake calipers also holding a 240 mm disc out and they have Abs from stock Bosch Gen 9.


Another important name that comes in the list of highly modified and super fast electronic motorbikes is Verge Ts. A newly developed company Verge also provides us the best and latest super electronic bike named Verge Ts. A superbike with a super mind-blowing peak of a torque of a 1000 Nm (786 lb-ft) figure value.

The frame of this electronic bike is made up of aluminum and TS will use from an electric motor of in-house designed 80kw (107hp) and the bike with the use of lithium-ion battery who make 120V at its drive easily. The charge timing is also very low it can easily charge within a short time period of 55 minutes through its fast charger and save your time.

 They are claiming that Verge bike can easily hit 60mph only in a short time period of 4 seconds and provide you a range of 186 miles within the limits of the city with the topping of even 111mph. All of its extra modern and unique features make this bike super comfortable, extremely fast and too attractive for all the bike lovers. The information related to the government subsidies for all these bikes is not clear. Usually vary from item to item. In the modern age of technology, we don’t need to get worried about increasing fuel prices. Technology is providing us these super easy and comfortable electronic vehicles to save time and money. Just we need initially to invest money in purchasing these amazing and exciting electronic bikes.

Auto Expo India 2020 New Launches

Electric Cars to watch for in India in 2020

For all the car lovers out there in India, 2020 brings awesome choices and great options with a lot of desirable features that you have been waiting for. Along with the regular diesel and gas driven cars, electric cars have been getting a lot of vibe in recent years. Because of the reason that these cars provide environment-friendly alternatives, electric cars have a growing market. 

At this year’s auto expo in India, a number of different brands showcased their electric vehicles with desirable features that would blow every car lover’s mind. From local brands such as TATA to MG, many of the leaders in the car industry presented their products at Auto Expo 2020, and all of these cars are expected to be released in India later this year.

In the following context, we are going to take a look at some of the best, if not all, electric vehicles showcased at Auto Expo 2020 in India. We will put a special emphasis on battery, charging, and chargers that these cars provide in addition to other great features.

Here we go!

  • Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

VW I.D. Crozz

The first one to make a list is Volkswagen’s production, Volkswagen I.D. Crozz. With its crunching new look with a red color that is so absorbing to the eye, this car represents a futuristic look. Presented as a prototype at Shanghai Auto Show in 2017, this electric vehicle was showcased at auto expo 2020 and is expected to hit the streets later this year.

In addition to all the other great features and design, it has a battery of 833kWH. With a 4-door crossover body style, this car can travel 501 kilometers after a single charge. This car comes with a 150 kW DC charging capacity with a plug-in charger and has an electric motor of 225 kW that can top 302 hp.

  • Mahindra eKUV100

Mahindra eKUV

A local brand, Mahindra, comes with features and specifications that are not so different from its petrol counterpart. With a great hatchback body style and 6-people seating, these electric vehicles are one of the most obvious options. At the price of 8.25 lakh in India, this car is one of the most affordable options.

The car comes with a 15.9kWH lithium-ion battery that supports both fast and standard charging. The car will be compatible with a wall-socket charger is expected to cover 120 miles in a single fast charge. In addition to that, it offers a 40 kW electric motor that will deliver 53bhp and 120 Nm of torque at its peak.

  • Tata Altroz EV

Tata Altroz EV

With a dashing new look and an outstanding hatchback design, this production of Tata’s is the frontrunner in 2020. With a permanent AC motor, this car is supposed to speed up from 0 to 100kph in 10 seconds. With an expected price of 13 lakh, this car is one of the most affordable yet classy options.

While talking about its battery, let’s not forget that this car comes with a lithium-ion battery that is specially made to be compatible with this electric vehicle. The battery performance will be excellent because it will deliver a 250-300 kilometer coverage with a single charge. It supports the fast charge as well as the standard charger. With a DC fast charger, this car can be charged up to 80 percent in 60 minutes.

  • Renault city K-ZE

Renault city K-ZE

This car made its first appearance in 2019 at Shanghai motor show in China and has been catching a lot of attention since then. While it is being prepared to be marketed in different other countries, this car was showcased at the auto expo show and is going to be released in India very soon. With a K-ZE concept, this car comes with an electric hatchback design that gives this car a prestigious look.

The features related to the battery and performance of this car only add up to its portfolio. Having a lithium-ion battery of 26.8 kWh, this car has an electric motor that can produce up-to 125Nm of torque. The battery of this car supports both standard and fast charging with both AC and DC chargers. With a DC fast charger, this car can charge from 30 to 80 percent in only 30 minutes. While with an AC charger, the charging time is 6.6 hours, which delivers a mileage of about 271 kilometers.

  • MG Marvel X

MG Marvel X

Introduced to auto expo 2020 by Morris Garages, this electric vehicle is really a marvel. With a vision E concept, this electric SUV made its Shanghai motor show in 2017 and has been getting a lot of positive vibe since then. With a brisk new design, this SUV is everything you are looking for in an electric vehicle. The design, as well as the features built into this SUV, complement its name, and it is one of the most outstanding electric vehicles one the show.

With a 52.5 kWh battery that powers two motors for each axle is a feature that is specific to this car. The two electric motors can deliver an output of 184bhp with the maximum torque. Not only that, it has a battery that supports fast charging and can deliver a 400 km mileage with a single charge. It supports both AC and DC charging to portable as well as socket chargers.

  • Tata Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV

Tata went all-in by introducing 4 new electric vehicles at auto expo 2020 with different features and all of them unique to themselves. Tata Nexon EV is one of a kind when it comes to electric vehicles. With an automatic transmission, Tata Nexon EV is a 5-seater SUV that comes with an outstanding design and looks. This electric vehicle has the most appealing features, and because of this reason, it will take over the market in no time.

It has an electric motor that can deliver up to 127bhp of power at a maximum torque of 245 Nm. It has a 32.2kWH battery that supports both standard and fast charging. With a fast DC charger, this car can be charged to 80 percent within 60 minutes and can cover over 300 kilometers with a single charge. It has an expected price of 16 lakh in India and is expected to hit the Indian market in 2020.

  • Mahindra Funster concept

Out of the 18 different electric vehicles on display at the auto expo 2020, Mahindra Funster was the boldest of models. With a 2+2 seating layout design, this car is meant to be on the road all the time. In addition to that, it has an absorbing color and appearance with a hardtop roadster concept.

Able to achieve 100 Km/h in under 5 seconds, Mahindra Funster has dual motors that can deliver maximum power of 230 kW. The 59.2kwH battery supports fast charging from plug-in chargers and can deliver a mileage of 520 kilometers with a single charge. The top speed of this roadster is 200 km/h, which makes it one of the fastest electric vehicles on display. All you need to do is take this bad boy out for a ride and forget about everything else.  

  • GWM ORA R1

The famous SUV and truck manufacturer, Great Wall Motors (GWM), made its debut in Auto Expo 2020 with this great electric vehicle. The eye-catching design and great features took the audience by surprise. This model created a lot of buzz in terms of its price, design, and other specifications that are just right. The hatchback design of this car just adds up to its other great specifications that make this car one of a kind.

While talking about its performance, how can we forget about its 33kWh battery that can help this car cover over 351 kilometers after a single charge? The electric motors in this electric vehicle can produce a torque of 125 Nm that can make this car achieve 0-50Kmph in 5 seconds and a maximum speed of 100kmph. The car supports DC fast charging, which can juice up its battery to 80 percent in 40 minutes. The normal household plug can charge this car’s battery in 10 hours, and for that reason, DC fast charging is the best option.

  • KIA Soul EV

This electric vehicle is KIA’s first-ever car in this category to be showcased at Auto Expo 2020. So, with this car, the KIA Company has gone all out and introduced all the great features to grab the market as hard as it can. With a 100% electric compatibility, this car is made ahead of its time because of its bold look and outstanding features.

Performance-wise, this car has an electric motor of 81.4kWH that can produce a maximum torque of 285 Nm. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery of 27kWh. This car can cover 212km in a single charge with a maximum speed of 125kph. The DC fast charging can boost its battery to 80 percent in only 35 minutes.

In addition to all of the above, there were many other cars that were on display on Auto Expo 2020. All of them represent a better alternative to petrol-driven cars. These electric vehicles are the best environment-friendly options for everyone.

Public chargers hosted by operators - Bharat, CHAdeMO, CCS Charging Tech

Is EVSE same as a Charger ?

No, it’s not. EVSE stands for Electric Vehicle Charging Station. It is basically a piece of equipment that brings AC current from the grid safely to your electric vehicle, where the onboard charger converts the current to DC before feeding it to your batteries for charging them.

Off course I just painted a rather simple picture, for an equipment that can cost upwards of ₹ 10,00,000 depending primarily on its current capacity.

What does an EVSE really do ?

  • EVSE is typically a smart device in the sense that it does an active communication with the Vehicle, where the vehicle holds control over how much current it can take in based on parameters such as the battery health and temperature. This information is communicated via the connecting cable via a rather appropriately name Control Pilot pin.
  • EVSEs ensure supply cutoffs in scenarios such as cable disconnection, earth fault, current leakage, and over and under voltage – which can occur if the vehicle equipment becomes faulty over time with ear and tear.
  • EVSEs also protect against unauthorised usage and if internet enabled can be used for reserving the charging facility in case of public or shared charging.
  • Auto resume in event of power outage while charging session is in progress.
  • EVSEs also come with several power and charging indicators with optional lcd screen which provide current charging stats.
  • Internet enabled EVSEs can provide analytics about your charging frequency, consumption patterns and ways to optimize your battery life, for example by auto-cutoff at 80% charging levels, which is a recommended practise to extend battery life.
The role of an EVSE

What is level1 and level2 charging ?

Level 1:

  • In general needs only a standard electrical outlet, suitable for plug-in hybrid vehicles. To enable additional safety features and convert it to a sharable power supply you can become a Driftly host. Which can be used for both captive use and sharing with other 2 wheeler EV owners
  • Installation costs by using existing wiring, while fully charging the vehicle overnight.
  • Charges your car in 12 to 24 hours*. For a 2 wheeler these are equivalent to fast charging and can complete a full charge in about 1 hour for most fast charging capable 2 wheelers.
  • Delivers 240 volts, 8 to 15 amps

Level 2:

  • Level 2 EVSEs need installation of dedicated, stand-alone electric vehicle charging unit, ideal for quicker Electric Vehicle charging.
  • Provides faster charging service than Level 1 EVSEs
  • A car can be charged in 3 to 8 hours* using Level 2 chargers given the vehicle is capable of accepting equivalent amount of current. Most 2 wheelers cannot and do not need Level 2 charging.
  • Delivers 240 volts, 20 to 40 amps

Is EVSE relevant to DC fast charging?

You guessed it right. DC fast charging is a completely different beast. In DC fast charging solutions the charging station converts AC to DC before feeding it to the vehicle, so the charging station in this case can be thought of as the ‘EVSE + charger’ combined. Because DC fast chargers don’t need an onboard AC to DC converter on vehicles they have become really popular for the car or SUV segments which have limited weight and volume capacity. More to come on DC fast charging soon, in another blog. Stay tuned.

Having said that there will always be a place for AC charging, because DC chargers are still prohibitively expensive to be omni-present. And people would always need the comfort of knowing that they could charge from the regular socket in case of emergency or to cut costs. Another place where AC charging shines over DC fast charging is for heavy duty vehicles, because these vehicles such as school bus, cargo trucks don’t have major space or weight constraints to deal with which is a necessity for have larger onboard chargers. Give the nature of these businesses, I would expect all commercial fleets to stick to ac charging for the foreseeable future, owing primarily to its lower cost of setup, operations and easier availability on the go.